Freedom has forgotten purpose,

Like wind which forgot to move

Like lungs who forgot to breathe.

Eyes who refused to see

A tongue unable to befriend language

A touch negating to feel

Freedom stands still

Like hope frozen in time

A spirit unable to laugh

A mind without thought

And feet without ability to move

Freedom is lost

Like love amongst hate

Like laughter within sorrow



Like honey is by bees

Like peace is by tanks

Like lies is by distraction

Like truth is by doubt


Freedom is somewhere lingering within you

In fragments

Inside the wind

Within your breath

Inside your vision

Hugging your palms as you squeeze your fist in the air

Wrapped around your tongue

Freedom is somewhere yearning within you

In fragments

Freedom has the ability to breathe and move,

Freedom can speak if it wills,

it can see beyond comfort.

Freedom can run and stand alone,

Freedom is truth without a distraction guarded by god.


If you forget freedom, freedom will forget you

If you do not exercise freedom, freedom will neglect you

If you do not speak freedom it will never understand you

If you do not envision freedom it will never see you

Freedom is you in fragments.



Things happen and people change. Not at once. There is not a split moment that makes people change, like cracking a code.

A choice, a situation, a person, or circumstances can change people gradually overtime. People break differently. Souls are like glass. Glass can be glued back together as one, but it doesn’t necessarily look the same. People are like that. When souls break, bruise and scar, people do not act the same, they do not think nor move in the same manner. Even after they find peace and happiness, even after they become stronger and more content than before. Some however don’t.

You will see a difference in the way they talk, the way they move, and their behavior. You will notice the shield in every word they utter. Maybe this is evident through how they have become more cautious of people, and maybe it caused them to become more giving and loving. They will see the world differently, you will know if somebody, anybody, perhaps yourself has gradually been changed by circumstances or people. Humans are moving beings. There is nothing inanimate about us, nothing. Our minds expand, our emotions change and mature, our abilities increase. Even our skin, hair and bones ages. Nothing within us was created to be still, and inanimate. Even when people become deceased our bodies are going to decompose, it will adapt to the reality that you no longer are alive so it decays into nothing but bones.

SO how do you expect you, who is alive and breathing, thoughts processing and wandering, and emotions like water, to become still? To not evolve, and not adapt to your circumstances. It wouldn’t make sense. What we are changes through the different stages of our lives. Who we are changes because of what happens to us, the people we meet and even how we overcome these circumstances. You will not always remain the same, and if you do, then you are resisting change, and even that has a change in your circumstances and fate, it has consequences. Humans are creatures that need constant growth and change to know and be better, and that requires big waves to shake us into whatever we are being prepared for. The wave will not drown you, unless you fight it, it will merely push you to the shore of a new island. You will learn how to defeat the wave. Be careful though. You do not become still you not stop fighting. You do not let it overpower you and drown you.


“People say to you, ‘you’ve changed’, or something like that, well, I hope, for the sake of God that you have changed, because I don’t want to be the same person all my life. I want to be growing, I want to be expanding. I want to be changing. Because animate things change, inanimate things don’t change. Dead things don’t change. And the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, its knowledge should be expanding.” – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf


Homeless people are just that..people.

It’s sad. it’s a tragedy when we no longer see human beings as just that. society favours people according to their status, race, gender, and ethnicity, given the circumstances. homeless people are no different. notice how when you walk by most homeless people, they don’t even look you in the eye. that’s us…we did that. we avoid them. Their gaze. We sometimes walk a little faster as though the change we bear in our pockets is more important than a human being. I usually hear the same ignorant words leave people’s mouth.

“if i give them money they will just waste it on drugs and alcohol.”

really? we are in 2015 the year when everyday people can suddenly become homeless due to our messed up economic system, and you still believe that the only way we can suddenly become homeless is if we develop an addiction? we need to educate ourselves on these matters so that we know better than to judge people. This stigma that you attach to homeless people is not a justification for your lack of humanity. even if you cannot spare some change, try to spark up a conversation. i know it might be a bit too much to ask. Depression is so common amongst our society today, imagine a homeless person depressed and ignored by society. Now imagine them watching people walk past them like they don’t even exist as though they are any less of a human being. Even if you are making an eye contact and offering a smile give it. To another person it may be the highlight of their day.

Homeless people are normal people like any of us, They have stories. they bear scars, they may even once have had a beautiful home with the white picket fence.

I challenge you today to offer a homeless person something. A smile, A meal, Water or coffee, A conversation. maybe even just a recognition to remind them that they are a human being, they are survivors, every day. Emotions we deal with in our lifetimes are heightened for homeless people. Frustrations,Loneliness depression. LIFE gets more complicated for a person who doesn’t have a roof over their head, and who may not know where they will get their next meal. Have some compassion, you are a human being, so please don’t forget your humanity.

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My kind of people

I’m infatuated by beautiful people.

Minds that seek knowledge like the thirst for water. People that read you like millions of  puzzle pieces and each fraction  of your small actions and habits was linked to experiences and character that make you who you are so they invest minutes, hours even years taking their time to solve your secrets and fears, what triggers them your dreams and every little piece of who you are.

People that watch your imperfections and conclude them as beautiful scars tattooed by life’s agony as a memory of your strength.

Kind hearts that in the midst of their own pain still try to make you smile. People who despite their failures are rooting for you, despite their dreams coming alive cry with you. People who don’t just utter the word loyalty and choke on their tongues when its ability to even speak the truth betrays it.

People who understand you without ever having been in your shoes. People who will shatter your walls down because they are too infatuated with knowing your bare soul. People who love without misunderstanding love. People who are willing to sacrifice everything for their creator.  People who never adjust to society but rather readjust their surroundings. People who are too opinionated. People who know what they want and are willing to figure out who they are and who they are yet to become.

People who love people even though they really hate the company of people. People who believe in more than what we see and hear and truly feel. People who wonder too much forgive too much. People who never forget and teach us their memories pain. People who want to see everybody win. People who know people’s lies and deceits but will still give them the benefit of the doubt. People who are scorned but not bitter. People who are strangely interesting. People who travel everywhere for no reason. Like the wind. Laugh for no reason. People who are genuine, who don’t just talk about being real but ARE. I like classy people. People whose class shows in their Manners and values not their Chanel dress or fancy suit. Independent souls that are crazy enough to do strange things and follow crazy dreams. I love brave smiles that shield tears and brave tears that refuse to hide their pain. I love people who are more than just another personality, who truly understand the value of humanity. Compassionate and giving people.
Find me those types of people. May we meet them, may we acknowledge them and may we become them,

Would you question why?

Would you question why

If there was a world without discrimination,

No racism, and greed no supposed evil or good. Just a single nation

Imagine if our leaders could be trusted, and nobody could be bought.

People smiling for no reason, and happiness weren’t sought.

Famine didn’t exist, and money was never an issue, or reason.

Everybody cared and nobody knew of treason.

Friends stayed the same and didn’t change with seasons

Imagine no kids growing up surrounded by hunger, and violence, fear and drugs,

Countries knew better than terrorising innocent people, by dropping bombs.

What if the media was honest and only displayed the truth and reality.

What if having more meant giving more to those in needs.

And nobody would confuse money and fame with their dreams.

And nobody was okay with paying for war and death.

Because war is war, its kill or be killed

Innocent war victims taking their last breath

Is that really a mission fulfilled?

But the truth is discrimination does exist and greed is the tradition that’s consumed our life times

And this isn’t a nation anymore just a world ruled by lies

What if humanity cared about the Child who only looks forward to death, waiting in line to die?

But overtime people became statistics and not lives,

Change isn’t happening, and the reason is clouded, yet nobody asks the question. WHY

Like why aren’t we doing what we preach and try to reach the impossible such as peace?

Why do we forget to seek, gods help, and instead reach for trouble to then solve instead of just spreading love?

Why do we seek, perfection, but instead find more flaws, why do we look for love but confuse it with lust.

Why do we forget to be grateful for what we have and instead weep over materials we’ve lost? Because a few papers is suddenly all were worth.

And chasing our dreams now means chasing money,

Desires are sweeter than honey

And temptations are fixed on our minds

Why do we replay life in our heads wondering why our mistakes doesn’t rewind

But instead all it does is remind.

I’ve learned that not seeing is not the same as being blind.

Sometimes we don’t even look, but instead over look, in fear of what we might see, and find.

I’m sick of these four invisible lines

Which keeps our potential boxed in,

But we have the keys to open the locks the locks within.

They have our minds enslaved and equipped in a way that we may never finish because we’re too afraid to even begin.

So we just throw our dreams in the bin.

Because dreams can’t pay the bills so wondering what’s the chances that you’ll succeed and win.

Society has us enslaved mentally,

If you observe the way the majority live, you’ll find that we are all victims of modern-day slavery.

It has become a world of madness and sadness, and, an ugly bad mess.

And greed is not generous enough to share, just like power is no longer humble enough to care



I am a prisoner

My lips are sealing words yearning freedom my mind is caging thoughts that overcrowd the silence when the night falls.

I am a prisoner of my thoughts and my thoughts are prisoners of my body.

My body is kept hostage by my soul.

My soul a prisoner of this world, and this world will never be content with a soul like mine.

I am a prisoner, of emotions pressed like a forbidden button filled with ideas.

My ideas moulded into locked boxes with opportunities inside.

I am just a prisoner.

Prisoner of skin forbidden. I am a forbidden fruit, picked and left outside in the sun to rot, but blossomed into a black rose in a garden only embracing red roses.

I am a prisoner misplaced.

Prisoner of the moonlight that follows me at night.

Prisoner of sunrays which engrave initials of fingers that attempted to own me at day.

I am a prisoner of burdens that aren’t mine but welcomed by my shoulders to carry, while I am a prisoner of hands once held and palms closed with rage.

I am a prisoner of false hope and long kept disappointments begging to be released.

I am a prisoner of the ocean that never seems to wash my guilt away, of the sea that never rinsed my cries with salt.

I am a prisoner of rage that stays, and smiles which fades.

I am a prisoner of words that stick and sticks that wound.

Of pens that can’t stop moving and of pages that won’t stay blank.

I am a prisoner of a mind that won’t stop wondering, and of hands that won’t stop consoling.

I am a prisoner of an imagination without a guard.

So free me. With words and ideas,

Free me with gifts of black roses being planted wherever they wish and being embraced like the red roses.

Free me with ideas and kiss the colour of my skin with your soul.

Free me from burdens of mine I do not want to wish to return yours for I will carry them too.

Just free me.