Stop Killing us.

Wasn’t our hands strong enough to build your lands?

Or high enough when we surrendered to your guns?

Did you not take our lands?


Did you not take you our bodies, strong but tired, unwilling and scared?

Haven’t our backs carried enough pain for your pleasure?

Even the ocean cried when it tasted the blood of bodies you threw away, whilst you, Human, You felt nothing.

Even the earth trembled as it hugged us into a lullaby, whilst you human, you auctioned of the historical object you killed me with.

Do we scare you that much?  You the oppressor, fear us?

Cowards without faces and names.

Our bodies left in the streets for you to justify.

Are we not human yet?

We bleed red but all you see is black.

Bullets accept us fare more than you.

Your justice systems were designed to embrace us, but not you.

All you see is black, but all we have endured is darkness, your darkness.

We shouldn’t carry an evil that is yours on our backs.

Do you not hear the screaming echoes of the mothers? It clings into me without mercy.

Do you not believe we are humans yet? What should it take for you to believe?

You who cries equality, do you not recognise the colour of our skin as just…skin?

How long can the strong survive?

We are still counting….

How many bodies does it take for you to feel something?

How many hearts should collapse before this bleak system does?

How many mothers without sons, fathers without daughters, how many children without parents. How many empty chairs at the dinner table should exist because of your Guns an bombs?

How many families’ hearts are you going to crush with your hands?

How many more times do we have to hashtag a name?

How many killers do you reward with holidays, whilst their victims are lowered to the ground?

I am sick of seeing people who look like me,killed by those who were supposed to protect.

Equality is an illusion painted with the colours Green and white by a man who stands to benefit from it.

The earth bears all colours

We bear all the scars on our backs from the history you created for us

We carry those scars, mind and body. We have done so for centuries

You have scarred us for eternity but you continue to insist we are the bad guys.

We are the odd entity, you stole, used and burned.

But like a phoenix we rise from the fire

We are still here, still strong, we exist.

We are not going anywhere, we belong on this earth too

It is about time you stop fighting god’s creation

One day we will tarnish your system.

We will burn your ideologies, like burned bodies

Lash your fears and split them open in two.

We will hang oppression from trees.

We will drown your excuses and justifications, suffocate them without mercy.

We will humiliate your hate

Experiment on every inch of the curves on your lies with sharp objects until we find the truth.

We will shoot this system down with the same bullets you build it with, the same bullets you killed us with.

We will rise with the world as one

But I wonder..

Even then, how do we forget the dead bodies who still reek of the odour of injustice?

The silent cries that lingers in the air,

The lives lost.

The families branded with pain, and suffering.

We carry our pain between our chests, buried.

It taints us unconsciously

How we talk

How we walk

How to not sound so …black.

How to not look so.. strong, when we had no choice but to be strong.

But we are getting tired.

Our backs have been carrying this load for far too long

I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but we are More than bodies, and pleasure, we are more than your punching bag, Your entertainment and walking profits. We still entailed our humanity when we had no reason to keep it.

But when sadness fades and rage consumes us

We will no longer ask you.

We will no longer cry to you or beg you.

The world sees the injustice, they just don’t hear our cries.

We do not want to remain dead ghosts in abandoned warehouses.

We do not want to remain Hashtags and faceless names.

Tombstones and devastating history

Like phoenix we will rise from the fire created for us.


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