So I was just wondering when in the process of writing my post a few days earlier called ‘how I learned to get to know myself.’ Why so many of us find it hard to connect to people beyond a surface level.

We seek other souls who understand us, accepts, us, and loves us for who we are. Yet if we truly observe those around us not many understand themselves. Not many even try. It’s like a never-ending circle of frustrations, lies, insecurities and confusion. We take these pills called ideologies and let them serenade us into a state of thinking that isn’t even our own. Most of us are initially overdosing on these pills.

Society is killing us, making us hallucinate and live in a reality that isn’t even real nor beneficial to us. For many of us we do not care. We live in this world where everything isn’t what it seems but as long as we don’t see beyond the mountains of even the slightest discomfort we are okay with it. Content, not alive but just content.

We are watching people overdose around us. Unable to breathe, unable to think straight. Dying to exist. But we don’t care…we point, we laugh we watch, and judge. How can we care? After all we cannot even stop ourselves from overdosing. This is why we seek distractions to distract us from ourselves. People are around people they don’t even truly like, just to satisfy their need to be around anything but their own thoughts, dealing with their own emotions and get ahead in life. we use people even when we think we don’t.

We deprive our own inner voice of the choice to speak. I dare you to ask someone, anyone, What their biggest fear in life is, or what they love most about themselves. Wait…just wait…and observe how long it takes them to reply. Think about it. We have had our entire life to know ourselves. Every thought, every emotion and trial. We should be able to answer in reaction but we think. Why do we need to think? Because we need to remember? Why? Because we have forgotten, maybe not permanently but for a moment the pieces of who we are is missing replaced by something else. We are dazed with illusions that are killing us. We are serving our souls to people in change for THINGS. And VISIONS.

Tell me what good is a vision if the eyes you are seeing with is not even your own? Will it still be your vision? Who are you serving? That’s why many of us end up with lives we are not satisfied with, we follow orders, rules that wasn’t ever created in print…moral rules, intellectual limitations. Restrictions created by man. Not many truly love to the extreme, believe in the craziest visions, which isn’t in the social norms.

Do we really need these expensive luxuries which we crave to impress these people we do not care about? At least not emotionally. But mentally that is all we obsess over these days. Instagram, Facebook. WE CANT STOP. Addicted with likes that aren’t real, Selfies that aren’t satisfying our souls but rather our images, statuses that doesn’t reflect our lives and quotes we don’t even believe in. We just want to show people we are real, tell them we are real, seek the real. But the truth is that reality is happening, it just so happens that it is not the life we chose to live, or the person we happen to become.

So Understand you, who you are.. sober yourself up, mentally spiritually and emotionally, try to not breathe in this false drug. Forget everything you are told. Many of us are not happy. Yet we are blessed beyond measure, many people in this world are not fortunate enough to have what we even complain over, like an education or even simple human necessities like water..

Maybe the solution isn’t the objective reality but the lack of attention we give our own heart and soul. So find yourselves because If you are lost yourself, chances are others will not understand you the way you need them to. Respect your soul, your mind, and don’t just abandon it in search of things that will not fill it up or satisfy it. Love yourself, I promise you the more you understand WHO you are throughout your life, you will appreciate yourself more, improve who you are and others will not have the power to demean your character because you are not unsure of yourself. You will accept yourself and thus this will lead to your acceptance of others. So understand you, so you can understand others.images00


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