My kind of people

I’m infatuated by beautiful people.

Minds that seek knowledge like the thirst for water. People that read you like millions of  puzzle pieces and each fraction  of your small actions and habits was linked to experiences and character that make you who you are so they invest minutes, hours even years taking their time to solve your secrets and fears, what triggers them your dreams and every little piece of who you are.

People that watch your imperfections and conclude them as beautiful scars tattooed by life’s agony as a memory of your strength.

Kind hearts that in the midst of their own pain still try to make you smile. People who despite their failures are rooting for you, despite their dreams coming alive cry with you. People who don’t just utter the word loyalty and choke on their tongues when its ability to even speak the truth betrays it.

People who understand you without ever having been in your shoes. People who will shatter your walls down because they are too infatuated with knowing your bare soul. People who love without misunderstanding love. People who are willing to sacrifice everything for their creator.  People who never adjust to society but rather readjust their surroundings. People who are too opinionated. People who know what they want and are willing to figure out who they are and who they are yet to become.

People who love people even though they really hate the company of people. People who believe in more than what we see and hear and truly feel. People who wonder too much forgive too much. People who never forget and teach us their memories pain. People who want to see everybody win. People who know people’s lies and deceits but will still give them the benefit of the doubt. People who are scorned but not bitter. People who are strangely interesting. People who travel everywhere for no reason. Like the wind. Laugh for no reason. People who are genuine, who don’t just talk about being real but ARE. I like classy people. People whose class shows in their Manners and values not their Chanel dress or fancy suit. Independent souls that are crazy enough to do strange things and follow crazy dreams. I love brave smiles that shield tears and brave tears that refuse to hide their pain. I love people who are more than just another personality, who truly understand the value of humanity. Compassionate and giving people.
Find me those types of people. May we meet them, may we acknowledge them and may we become them,


3 thoughts on “My kind of people

  1. esoofi says:

    Fantastic post. .beautiful words, very well stated. Enjoyed reading. I will keep chasing your posts as and when I get some time. Till then Happy Writing more 🙂


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