Homeless people are just that..people.

It’s sad. it’s a tragedy when we no longer see human beings as just that. society favours people according to their status, race, gender, and ethnicity, given the circumstances. homeless people are no different. notice how when you walk by most homeless people, they don’t even look you in the eye. that’s us…we did that. we avoid them. Their gaze. We sometimes walk a little faster as though the change we bear in our pockets is more important than a human being. I usually hear the same ignorant words leave people’s mouth.

“if i give them money they will just waste it on drugs and alcohol.”

really? we are in 2015 the year when everyday people can suddenly become homeless due to our messed up economic system, and you still believe that the only way we can suddenly become homeless is if we develop an addiction? we need to educate ourselves on these matters so that we know better than to judge people. This stigma that you attach to homeless people is not a justification for your lack of humanity. even if you cannot spare some change, try to spark up a conversation. i know it might be a bit too much to ask. Depression is so common amongst our society today, imagine a homeless person depressed and ignored by society. Now imagine them watching people walk past them like they don’t even exist as though they are any less of a human being. Even if you are making an eye contact and offering a smile give it. To another person it may be the highlight of their day.

Homeless people are normal people like any of us, They have stories. they bear scars, they may even once have had a beautiful home with the white picket fence.

I challenge you today to offer a homeless person something. A smile, A meal, Water or coffee, A conversation. maybe even just a recognition to remind them that they are a human being, they are survivors, every day. Emotions we deal with in our lifetimes are heightened for homeless people. Frustrations,Loneliness depression. LIFE gets more complicated for a person who doesn’t have a roof over their head, and who may not know where they will get their next meal. Have some compassion, you are a human being, so please don’t forget your humanity.

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