Would you question why?

Would you question why

If there was a world without discrimination,

No racism, and greed no supposed evil or good. Just a single nation

Imagine if our leaders could be trusted, and nobody could be bought.

People smiling for no reason, and happiness weren’t sought.

Famine didn’t exist, and money was never an issue, or reason.

Everybody cared and nobody knew of treason.

Friends stayed the same and didn’t change with seasons

Imagine no kids growing up surrounded by hunger, and violence, fear and drugs,

Countries knew better than terrorising innocent people, by dropping bombs.

What if the media was honest and only displayed the truth and reality.

What if having more meant giving more to those in needs.

And nobody would confuse money and fame with their dreams.

And nobody was okay with paying for war and death.

Because war is war, its kill or be killed

Innocent war victims taking their last breath

Is that really a mission fulfilled?

But the truth is discrimination does exist and greed is the tradition that’s consumed our life times

And this isn’t a nation anymore just a world ruled by lies

What if humanity cared about the Child who only looks forward to death, waiting in line to die?

But overtime people became statistics and not lives,

Change isn’t happening, and the reason is clouded, yet nobody asks the question. WHY

Like why aren’t we doing what we preach and try to reach the impossible such as peace?

Why do we forget to seek, gods help, and instead reach for trouble to then solve instead of just spreading love?

Why do we seek, perfection, but instead find more flaws, why do we look for love but confuse it with lust.

Why do we forget to be grateful for what we have and instead weep over materials we’ve lost? Because a few papers is suddenly all were worth.

And chasing our dreams now means chasing money,

Desires are sweeter than honey

And temptations are fixed on our minds

Why do we replay life in our heads wondering why our mistakes doesn’t rewind

But instead all it does is remind.

I’ve learned that not seeing is not the same as being blind.

Sometimes we don’t even look, but instead over look, in fear of what we might see, and find.

I’m sick of these four invisible lines

Which keeps our potential boxed in,

But we have the keys to open the locks the locks within.

They have our minds enslaved and equipped in a way that we may never finish because we’re too afraid to even begin.

So we just throw our dreams in the bin.

Because dreams can’t pay the bills so wondering what’s the chances that you’ll succeed and win.

Society has us enslaved mentally,

If you observe the way the majority live, you’ll find that we are all victims of modern-day slavery.

It has become a world of madness and sadness, and, an ugly bad mess.

And greed is not generous enough to share, just like power is no longer humble enough to care



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